23rd February

Hi viewers. For the past week, I have been on a skiing holiday in Austria. While I was on the chairlift, going up the mountain, I saw a lot of animal tracks (none of them hedgehog) on a section nobody had skied on. They aroused my interest as I didn’t recognise them. I was interested… Continue reading 23rd February

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Hi there. The second post this month is purely dedicated to @elsbakes. I thoroughly recommend following this blog. Els is a super talented baker and also and amazing best friend! She is new to blogging but will be posting an exciting new recipe every Sunday. Her first post was the simple but delicious recipe for… Continue reading elsbakes

Blog post, Hedgehog

9th January 2020

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hello everyone. Apologies for not posting for a while. This month's post is going to be about the different names hedgehogs have been given in the past, ending with a little quiz. In a previous post, I showed the word for hedgehog in different languages across the globe and this time I… Continue reading 9th January 2020

Blog post, Hedgehog

29th October

I don't think anyone is unaware that this Thursday is Halloween! I am personally very excited but there area couple of things awe must bear in mind before we get too carried away choosing the perfect costume. The first things to think about are the dangers hedgehogs may be put in when they have chosen… Continue reading 29th October


12th September

Hello everyone! This month's post is all about the family side of a hedgehog's life. The reason I chose this theme is because I saw this picture, when researching hedgehogs. I thought it was the cutest thing I had ever seen. Here it is: Don't you just love it! All the little details of this… Continue reading 12th September

Blog post, Hedgehog

27th August

Hello! This month I would like to dedicate a post to something that happened a few weeks ago. To start, I think you need to know that my family keep a set of china pastry forks with different woodland creatures on them. Mine of course is the hedgehog. The other day, I was picking up… Continue reading 27th August

Blog post, Hedgehog

7th May

Hi! This week is hedgehog awareness week (5th - 11th May 2019), so I have decided to create a post about how hedgehogs can be helped and the websites, contacts and simple ways that can help you make a difference. In my opinion, every week should be hedgehog awareness week; however, a set week to… Continue reading 7th May


16th April

Hedgehogs will be trying their hardest to fill up on their usual diet of invertebrates this month after a long winter. Not only this, but they will be searching for potential nesting areas.